Who We Are

The BIG Serve is a church wide effort to meet the growing needs of our communities.  We are deciding to Be the Difference to those around us.  Please join with us in what God is doing through the Big Serve!

Project Types



Cleaning, painting, and restoration type projects.



Carpentry and other hands-on construction work.


Helping Hands

Providing positive encouragement to others through organizing items or events.



Yard and other outdoor maintenance or cleanup work.


Meal Services

Involves preparing and serving meals to a wide range of people.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does it cost anything for me or my church to participate?

There is no cost to partner with Big Serve.  Each church is responsible for their own projects.   It is completely up to you if you would like to help cover the cost of your projects.

What is an example of a project and how do I find them?

Projects can be as simple as spending time with someone in an assistance living home or as big as painting an entire school.   Ask those in your church to suggest projects based on your communities needs. Be sure to ask agencies and non-profits around you how you can help.  They usually have tons of things that can be done.

How much time will this take to plan and execute this event?

We have done everything possible to make it easy for churches to partner with The Big Serve.  Your church liaison will have access to to our website database as well as tons of promotional resources to make this a huge success for your church.   Your church depending on the size can make this all happen within 3 to 4 weeks prior of The Big Serve.  Your liaison would need to dedicate about 5 hours a week to execute this event well.

Thank you for all the wonderful food you ALL sent to us for The Big Serve!  It was awesome.

Winston-Salem Fire Station #19

All of the children from Williams Kenders at Colfax Elementary would like to say, “Thank you for lending a hand!!”

Williams Kinders at Colfax Elementary

The Big Serve Did an AMAZING Job today at our school as part of the BIG HELP campaign!

Shadybrook Elementary School

Don't Be Shy

The Big Serve is here to help, and if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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